How to lower capital gain tax and do it right

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On a good farm, everything has value. Anyone who ever operated a spade professionally will tell you as much. Underperforming investments, if managed correctly, can also turn a hefty profit. So let's roll up our sleeves, investigate “wilted crops” and diligently harvest these wastes. It is time to make surprisingly big money on something that is hardly worth any.

Why Should I Care?

Short-term capital gains are taxed…

Fool-proof strategy to make big money while investing little

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It is a myth that only Wolf of Wall Street types can be millionaires. Hollywood would not invest in a blockbuster about a regular Joe making steady income with a long-term investment — however accurate, it is boring. But Hollywood is not the only one to blame. If you are already drowning in the influx of articles on how we all can get rich quickly, fix credit scores in a matter of days, earn thousands performing SEO miracles, you are not alone. …

What successful traders never do

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Patiently crafted trades often make far more money than a trendy gambit. Think of it as your favorite coffee drink — a bit of love and care will transform the taste of the most mediocre blend, while a rushed order of the finest ingredients just doesn’t quite taste right. As an accountant, I cannot advocate strongly enough against investing strategies devised on a whim by an Instagram connection or sensational post. Rushing all in might be exciting and chic, and sometimes you might get lucky. …

Charitable Giving & Tax Savings

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Whoever we are, irrespective of age, socio-economic background, or geographic location, helping others makes us happy. Our “feel-good’ barometer can be depended on to go off the scale if we help animals in need and organizations that support them. But in a year of political unrest and economic struggles we, humans, also need to elevate our fauna counterparts, not just our mood. Because, when we are struggling, animals always have it worse.

You might already be an angel for someone clawed, hoofed, winged, or scaled. Maybe you are just thinking about it. Whatever the case, it will be my privilege…

Perspective Piece

Tales of feline admirers who took IRS to court and won

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The internet has proved our enduring fascination and love of all things feline. Barely domesticated even now (as any cat owner will attest to), they have entered our lives and homes thousands of years ago. Some of them have careers that span over the centuries. Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office has been a resident cat of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since the 1500s. He has a salary! It has been some time since the White House had a feline in residence, but even if cats are taking a break from the U.S. …

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